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Dec 14


Submitter comment: Because almost the only things I watch on youtube are things found here, youtube likes to suggest piercing videos for me. I decided to click this one for funsies… Oh dear.

What’s awful: Jewelry types for surface piercings are incorrect (should not be just using a 90degree barbell, but one with TRUE 90degree “bends” from anatometal or IS), CBRs in attempt at permanent corset piercing (If you’re going to try a permanent corset piercing, you should use surface anchors and change the ends on them when fully healed), general misinformation.

How it can be fixed: Just take it all out, stop picking at your piercings (I know, it’s hard, but…), and find a better piercer. 

I could give her some slack if this were posted to youtube like 5 years ago, but it was posted in Jan 2012 and there is no excuse for that amount of misinformation.


  1. lexxicondevil said: hahahhaha i know that chick she is sucha fucking idiot
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  3. anthonyconnell said: Bahahaha, this girl used to be best friends with my ex. She’s stuuuuupid and put things in her bum on the Internet.
  4. piercingsbyaj said: Well since surface anchors are only “long term temporary” at best, I probably wouldn’t say they should be used if you’re going to try for a permanent corset. With that said, I didn’t waste my time watching this video.
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  7. evilrainbowspells said: she actually mentioned in another video that she wasn’t going to keep the corset piercing permanently..tsk tsk.
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